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Outpost camp


Our camp - overlooking a lake

The camp is suitable for 4 hunters and fully equipped

You will use a wood cook stove and propane for cooking and heating

You hunt by yourself over bait. I start the baits about 6 weeks before the hunt begins.

The blinds are ready when you get there.

I only hunt from this camp up to 4 hunters per season

The walk to the camp is about 2 hours - by ATV about one hour

I bring all the equipment in for hunters without ATVs

You bring your own food, drinks, sleeping bags, personal belongings and your gun or bow

Blick von der Jagdhuette

View from the camp

Booked for 2013


Wolfgang Thonnes
85 Ladds Rd. Dunchurch. Ontario. P0A 1G0. Canada
Tel: 705-389-2448